Monday, April 7, 2014


8001 East Indian School Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Take out. Ordered 2 plain double cheeseburgers. Good. Total: $3.38 Tax: 0.27 Take-out total: $3.65 Receipt had a Buy One Get One Free Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese or Egg McMuffin if I went to and tell them about my visit. I love free stuff. Below is some of my responses to the survey!

Store #: 3812
KS #: 3
Date of visit: 04/07/2014
Time of Visit: 15:43
Order #: 323
Amount Spent: $3.65

Did you visit the McDonald's located at 8001 East Indian School Road in Scottsdale, Arizona? Yes
Please select your order type: Dine-in
Overall satisfaction with my experience: Satisfied
Speed of service: Satisfied
Cleanliness of the restroom: N/A
Interior cleanliness: Satisfied
Ease of placing order: Satisfied
Quality of my food: Satisfied
Taste of the french fries: N/A
Temperature of my food: Dissatisfied
Exerior cleanliness of the restaurant: highly dissatisfied *** Weeds and trash!!
Taste of my food: satisfied
Friendliness of the staff: satisfied
Accuracy of my order: satisfied
Appearance of my food: satified
Overall value for the price I paid: Highly satisfied
Problems during visit: No
Recommend this restaurant to others in the next 30 days? Likely
Return to this restaurant in the next 30 days? Likely