Monday, January 9, 2023

Taco Bell

My Taco Bell Delivery
Photo by Peter Kosednar

Taco Bell
2601 North 44th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008

I ordered Taco Bell delivery today from Taco Bell. I used the Taco Bell app to order. Delivery by DoorDash.

Order Number: 946055
1 Bean Burrito: $3.29
Remove Beans
Remove Onions Add Potatoes
Add Seasoned Rice
6 Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito: $9.60
Remove Beans
Add Potatoes
7 Mild Sauce Packet: $0.00
1 Premium Hot Coffee: $1.89
Subtotal: $14.78
Discount: -$2.29 Delivery Fee: $0.00
Delivery Tip: $2.00
Tax: $1.07
Order Total: $15.56

Ordered online at 11:45 AM MST. Delivery ETA: 12:39 PM MST. I love Taco Bell!! Fast delivery. I was starving!! Chowed down on all 7 burritos real fast. Food was tasty. Coffee was hot.