Saturday, December 27, 2014

American Express Serve

American Express Travel Related Services Company
200 Vesey Street
World Financial Center
New York, NY 10285

Added funds to my American Express Serve account at Walmart! No problems. Cashier was friendly and quick. Receipt had deposit info and current balance. Confirmation of the deposit was sent via email right away.

Receipt info:

"AMEX Blue Bird Debit Load: $100.00
Total: $100.00

Beginning Balance: $1.15
Debit Load: $100.00
End Balance: $101.15

The funds have been added to your card."

Email info:

"Hello Peter,

The money you wanted to load from your American Express Serve® Reload to your Bluebird Account was deposited.
Here are the details:

From : American Express Serve® Reload
Amount: $100.00
Date Initiated: 12/27/2014
Transaction: **********

To see your new account balance, simply log in to your Bluebird Account.