Saturday, December 9, 2017

Redbox Experience Survey

Based on your most recent experience, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with Redbox?
My Answer: Completely satisfied

Still thinking about the recent experience, how likely are you to use Redbox again in the future?
My Answer: Very likely to use again

Given this experience, how likely are you to recommend Redbox to a friend or family member? Please use the scale below where 10 means Extremely Likely and 0 means Not At All Likely.
My Answer: (10) Extremely likely

Based on your most experience, how would you rate Redbox on the following elements:

Offering good content and movie, TV and games selection
My Answer: Completely satisfied

Being a convenient experience
My Answer: Completely satisfied

The value for price paid
My Answer: Completely satisfied

Thinking about the past 3 months, approximately how many times have you rented from Redbox?
My Answer: Two to three rentals

Please select the type of content you rented in your most recent experience.
My Answer: DVD movie