Sunday, March 3, 2019

Starbucks Store #5761

Venti Starbucks Hot Mocha

Trenta Iced Green Tea Refill

Photographer: Peter Kosednar

4032 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Vt Hot Mocha: $4.75
Tax: 8.05%: $0.38
Total: $5.13

Terrible service. Waited 12 minutes for my Venti hot mocha. Two-top window table was dirty. Bathroom was clean. Store was not taking cash today, according to posted signs. No cash. Payment method: Starbucks Card, App or Apple Pay. Contacted customer service via the Starbucks website. Spoke to Starbucks customer service via online live chat.

Starbucks Customer Service Live Help:

Francisco H.: Thank you for contacting Starbucks, my name is Francisco H.. How Can I help you today?
Pete Kosednar: Good morning Francisco H
Francisco H.: Hello Pete!
Francisco H.: Pete, We are sorry to learn about the bad experience you had when you visited one of our stores. Please feel free to share all the details with me.
Pete Kosednar: I received bad service this morning at store #5761. I waited 12 minutes for my drink.
Francisco H.: Please accept my sincerest apologies because of quality of service and because you waited for 12 minutes to receive you drink. This is not the Starbucks Experience we want you to have and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.
Pete Kosednar: I went to cashier after 12 minutes and she told me they are training a new employee.
Francisco H.: Please know, Starbucks always strive to provide an outstanding service to make you feel comfortable and part of us and I regret this has not been the case.
Pete Kosednar: Two customers sitting at table took notice of me waiting for my drink.
Francisco H.: It was at our Scottsdale + Indian School store, right?
Pete Kosednar: Yes
Pete Kosednar: I ordered a venti mocha.
Francisco H.: Thank you for the confirmation. I am sharing experience with the store management team in order to prevent this from happening again.
Francisco H.: Also, I would like to invite you back for a better experience by crediting your Starbucks Card ending in 6813 with $10. I know this is not why you wrote us, but I understand how frustrating this can be.
Francisco H.: Please allow me to add the funds. It may take up to 2 minutes. Would that be ok with you?
Pete Kosednar: That is ok. Thanks.